Manchester University
Oak Leaves

March 10, 2017


Senior Tabo Chata performs a stand-up comedy set. The audience cheered loudly at his stories and jokes.

MU Students Showcase Talent

Kelleen Cullison

There were acts ranging from a comedy skit to the ukulele in Manchester’s version of “The Next Big Thing”: MU’s Got Talent, hosted by the Manchester Activities Council, aka MAC, in Cordier last Friday night. 

Students filled the halls outside the auditorium as MAC members finalized the setup for the big show. It was a busy night for all, especially junior Austyn Rybicki, who both co-chaired the event with Jessica Beal and was half of the opening act. The act was a classic play-on-words skit about the confusion of baseball positions, “Who’s on First?” 

“This is my first time being a chair of an event,” said Rybicki, a Business and Sports Management double major. “MU’s Got Talent is one of our bigger events, so we started planning back in January.” Once they’ve completed brainstorming, they have to hit the ground running to pull the show together. “We were in full swing about the first week of February.” 

Participants could sign up in the weeks preceding the event at a table in the Jo Young Switzer building. The event was open to all students to showcase their talents on stage. And they did.  
Following Rybicki and Peter Shepherd’s act was senior Tabo Chata, whose sarcastic and candid comedy kept him a crowd favorite. “I’m in it for Tabo,” said senior Michael Himlie. “I respect the infinite worth of Tabo!” 

From there, the night was full of song and dance, with a routine by Katherine Brown and Mo Rammel that won them second place, followed by a stream of piano talent.  

Junior Bianca Chagoya won fourth, serenading the audience with a lovely Spanish ballad accompanied by her ukulele. “Bianca and her ukulele were so cute!” said sophomore Tiffany Byers. “She’s an act you’d love to sit at a coffee shop and listen to.”  

The  MyKayla Cynthia Band took home first prize, looking and sounding totally at home on the stage. A sea of already adoring fans welcomed MyKayla, Kevin and Ally as they took the stage and played a mashup of covers and original songs. “I came for the MyKayla Cynthia Band,” said sophomore Caraline Feairheller, “I love them!” 

They weren't in it for the prize, however. "It was about sharing who we are and our music to the people of MU," said MyKayla Neilson, guitarist and lead vocalist.   

"I was surprised we won," said Ally Roskos, who played both violin and ukulele. "I just wanted to have fun making music with MyKayla and Kevin, and that's what I did." 

Other acts included Simmeon Gastineau on the piano accompanying Chelsea Jasper in a mashup of songs from “Don’t Stop Believing” to Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”. Also on the piano were Holly Beer and Tessa Riley in their rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay,” and later was Nate Tesmer, whose ballad set included “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. 

“Tabo is a fan favorite,” said sophomore Zoe Vorndran, “but I also really liked Nate. He did really well.”