Manchester University
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March 4, 2016

Spartans Anticipate #SB2k16

Keith Berry

Manchester University looks forward to spring break next Friday, when students and faculty can enjoy a long, relaxing week—if they don’t have homework. Spring Break is a time where the Spartans can go home, relax and recharge from a grueling first half of the second semester. It is also the only major break the students will have until the summer. During this time, some students will travel to warmer states such as Florida, Nevada, Texas, South Carolina and elsewhere. Other students who would rather not deal with the hassles of a road trip choose to go home to visit with family and friends. Here are some students who have volunteered to show off their SB2k16 plans:

Senior Mitchell Overmyer: I am traveling to Charleston, South Carolina with 3 of my friends. We like the outdoors, so we are going to the state park and other recreational areas. On top of that, we plan to go to the South Carolina Aquarium to take a sea turtle hospital tour! Super excited!

Senior Morgan Povelka: The last two Spring Breaks my friends and I have gone to PCB. This year we are doing nothing; it's senior spring break and my bank is empty. I will probably go visit my friends and just relax at home.

First-year Evan Romie: For spring break I decided not to go to some place warm and beautiful; instead I will be going home to spend the week with my family. Since I play basketball for Manchester, I haven't been home since the day I left to come back after Christmas. I decided to do this because overall I just miss my family and I think that going home would be a lot more fun than going on spring break somewhere.

Senior Kalie Lastagarkov: This is our last spring break and we will be making every moment count! Justine, Kasey, Colleen, Jas, Becca, and I are all going to Daytona, FL for a fun, relaxing, and party filled trip! We will be hanging at the beach, going to clubs, dancing the night away, and so much more. I can't wait to go on this epic trip and to make many more amazing memories with my best friends!

Junior Tanner Forsythe: Over spring break I am going to stay with my grandparents in Tampa, Florida. First year Tyler Helm and Senior Keith Berry will be going on this trip with me. While we are down there we plan on spending time at the beach and maybe even catching a spring training baseball game. I'm so excited to get down there and spend a week in warm weather with two great friends!

Senior Colleen Reed: For spring break this year, a few of my friends and I are traveling to Daytona Beach, FL. We are excited to just hang out at the beach all day and have a relaxing and fun week away from the stress of school. Also during break I will celebrate Easter with my family by going to church and having a family dinner before coming back to school. I am excited to have some time off and have a great final spring break.

Classes will resume on March 28, 2016.