Manchester University
Oak Leaves

March 31, 2017


MU Peace Studies Department Takes 'Fighting for Peace' to a New Level

Brittany Dilley

What does the oldest peace studies program in the nation need to spice up its reconciliation-based curriculum? A Fight Club, of course! 

Peace Studies professor Katy Gray Brown has initiated Fight Club to raise funds for the peace studies program and to expand the knowledge of peaceful approach to conflict.  Peace Studies majors are required to join, but Gray Brown encourages all students to sign up.

By adopting the skills of famous peace advocates, while engaging in hand-to-hand combat, peace studies majors will be gaining literal hands-on experience in conflict resolution. 

The Fight Club will take place once a year in the PERC gymnasium.  Students will train year-round and study the skills Gray Brown and other peace studies professors teach in their classrooms.  It will cost money to attend the event, and all proceeds will go to the peace studies program to further the development of this major and spread awareness of the program.  Students, staff and the Manchester community are more than welcome to attend and place bets, but 20% of the bets will go towards the peace studies program.

Those participating will receive free check-ups on any injuries that take place during the fight club event.  Also, peace studies majors’ attendance/participation counts for 25% of their grade for their class.

As the club is still new, many of the details are still being sorted out.  Club participants are required to apply before the event takes place, and training and complete knowledge of peace study tactics is essential. Katy Gray Brown is the administrator of this club, and applications can be found at her office ACEN 227.  Applications are to be submitted to her as well.

After the fight tournament ends, there will be a ceremony held at the Peace Garden for the winner.  The tournament winner will receive a certificate and a free escort to health services for check-up.  The fight club is dedicated to the peace studies program creator, Gladys Muir.  “She is the scrappiest I know,” Gray Brown said.  “She’d be all for it!”