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March 31, 2017

Classes in other languages

Photo by Tyler Roebuck

MU Transitions Away from English Language Across All Departments

Jensen Lassiter 

Entonces, ¿quién está emocionado de que la lengua extranjera tiene un nuevo énfasis en el plan de estudios de Manchester a partir de ahora?

Wait, did you catch that? If not, you’d better be prepared for this fall! Manchester University is adopting a new curriculum that focuses entirely on learning foreign languages. Starting in the Fall 2017 semester, all classes in all majors and minors will be taught entirely in French, German, Spanish and Latin.
By taking this unique course of action, Manchester hopes to break down any language barriers that students may face in the future. Additionally, they believe that this opportunity will give students a more well-rounded resume, as they will have studied a multitude of different languages.
When registering for classes, students can find a note by each class name indicating in which language of instruction the course will be taught.

"Personally, I think it's [ridiculous]!" sophomore Tiffany Hanna said. "Sure, I know several of my friends who will succeed at this--they would love their classes even more--but I can barely speak German, and I took four years of it. So no, I really don't like this idea!"
The overwhelming majority of students, however, have been excited about the prospect of learning new languages and a new discipline at the same time. Professors even believe that it may be easier to learn about biology in Latin and the French Revolution in French.
"There are schools and universities that already do [this],” said visiting assistant professor Shane Thomson. “So you don't major in Spanish, but you are inducted into this program, where they teach you business, or whatever the subject, in Spanish. So much of your degree is completed in your targeted language. I think this will be awesome."