Manchester University
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March 4, 2016


WHAT'S CRACKING? Jeannie Harvey serves up eggs of every style.

Harvey Serves Up 'Egg-cellence'

Erin Fralick

The sizzle of the grill is clearly heard over the sounds of barely-awake students shuffling through the cafeteria, and Jeanie Harvey begins to work. With a skillful flick of her wrist, the eggs crack and both yolk and egg white pour from the jagged shell, seeping onto the grill. Every morning, Harvey serves up 270-to-300 eggs prepared any way the student wishes, and does so like a well-oiled machine.

Harvey has been working with food for 17 years, and has been working with Chartwells, Manchester’s food services provider, for 12 of those 17.

Harvey’s favorite part of the job is getting to work with the students. “You have contact with the student,” she said. “I like that, and being able to talk to them.” The same students often come to breakfast and order the same dish every day; they naturally build relationships with Harvey. “It’s like family almost,” she said.

Harvey cares about the students that come through her line and does her best to keep certain ingredients on-hand for students that stop by regularly. She mentioned that spinach was something she always tried to keep for some students. Not only does she try and cater to students’ preferences, but if there isn’t a line, Harvey brings orders to the students if she sees them.

The students like Harvey as well. Some students will sit and talk with her while she prepares their eggs. Harvey even recalled one time in Walmart when she saw a pair of boys that frequented her line. “They happened to see me and were hollering at me,” she said with a smile.

Harvey can make any style of egg, from scrambled to over-easy and even the occasional omelet, and students just can’t agree on which style she makes the best. However, Harvey has her own favorite style. “I usually go with just a couple of eggs scrambled with nothing in them,” she said.