Manchester University
Oak Leaves

March 4, 2016

Murder Mystery

Manchester Hosts 'Night of Murder and Mystery'

Stratton Smith

Got a clue? Spartan CHOICES and MU Theatre & Society are combining their forces to bring the campus “A Night of Murder and Mystery Theatre,” tonight at 7 p.m. in the Upper Jo Young Switzer Center. Hannah Glenn, Spartan CHOICES Peer Educator, and Sydney Brodst, Spartan CHOICES member and MU Theatre & Society member, predict a smashing success.

The event was originally proposed by the Spartan CHOICES Leader, April White, who also works in Health Services at Manchester. “When April brought up the idea of a Murder Mystery, the theatre department was the first thing that popped into my head,” Brodst said. “The theatre people at MU are some of the most creative and talented people I know, and I knew that they'd be perfect to portray the suspects.”

The event hopes to raise awareness for Spartan CHOICES’s education platform. “CHOICES is all about being safe while drinking and we provide education and information about to do so when it seems appropriate per event,” Glenn said. 

Broadest added: “In addition to the educational aspect, we also try to provide alternative programming on campus during days of the week that might have more people going out to drink. The event is mostly to give students something to do on a Friday night that doesn't involve alcohol.”

Larissa Valdez, president of Theatre & Society, was excited to hear about the Murder Mystery event involving her club members. “Of course I could not refuse because this sounds like such a great idea!” Valdez said. “Clue-like events are always fun, especially when it is the 1920s/Gatsby era!” 

“I think this event will attract a different audience than what we typically do and that's exciting!” Glenn said with enthusiasm. “I think it has the potential to go really well because it is so different. We are just hoping for a fun night that comes out of a unique event.” 

Brodst eagerly added: “I think students will enjoy it. It is definitely going to be a time to get together with your friends, dress up if you want, and have a fun-filled evening.”

Though the performance will be the main attraction, the audience will not be empty-handed. “We are going to have ‘mocktails’ and candy cigarettes,” Brodst said. 

Glenn added: “I'm excited to take a glimpse back into my childhood and enjoy the gross little chalk sugar sticks!”