Manchester University
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May 12, 2017

Glynnis Art

Artist Seeks Inspiration from Family, Friends

Brittany Dilley 

Senior Glynnis King, a sport management major and art minor, held her senior art exhibition from May 2–8. Although the exhibition is optional for minors, King didn’t hesitate. “I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to showcase my work and love for creating things,” she said via email.

King has nurtured her passion for art since she was a young child, when she loved to color and make things for her relatives.  She bought her first “how to draw” book in the fourth grade to practice sketching, but in her high school years, she wasn’t able to be involved in art classes as much as she wanted. She did, however, take full advantage of the art opportunities at MU.

King’s inspiration comes from her daily life—her family and friends—but she also uses her hobbies as a focal point for her work.  “I try to take those things and make them my own,”  King said.  Her grandmother, who was a teacher for many year, encouraged her art work the most.  “When I was young, I made this picture that was supposed to be a sailboat, but looked like a lot of scribbles,” she said.  “My grandmother liked it so much, she framed it and hung it on the wall.

One of King’s favorite pieces from her exhibition is titled “Moonlight.” She made it during her sophomore year of college when her grandfather had died and she wanted to create a piece in his memory. King originally planned to paint a portrait of her grandfather, but painted her mother instead.  “She reminds me of him and I thought it would cheer her up as well,” King said.  

Another piece, titled “King’s Court,” was inspired by basketball.  She grew up playing this sport and several of her relatives have both played the sport and coached.

After graduation, King will be starting her new job as a direct support professional at Cornerstone Support Services in Indianapolis.  She will be working with people with disabilities and designing a sports program for them.

King sees art as a “life-long hobby” and will continue to make art.  On her to-do list is not only to paint a family portrait, as well as one of her friends, but also to paint an image of her grandfather.