Manchester University
Oak Leaves

May 11, 2018

MU Receives on Giving Day 2018

Kaity Collins

It's been said that giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. Manchester University took this to heart on April 19 with the campus-wide Giving Day event.

“It was a way to ask donors to give back to Manchester,” said Lauren Hughes, Social Media Coordinator. “It also allows current students to thank those who have given to Manchester.”

Over the course of Giving Day, there were 285 donors that contributed to Manchester and $50, 073 was raised collectively as a result of the efforts of both students and alumni. “Giving Day is our single largest fundraiser day at Manchester,” said Assistant Director of the Manchester Fund, Elena Bohlander. “Our biggest goal was to make it the biggest fun day for students.”

Kylee Rosenbaum, Director of Alumni Relations, said: “Excitement was everywhere on campus. Not just with students, but also with alum and staff and faculty.”

One of the big events was the mystery box on campus. A larger-than-life black box with a decorative gold ribbon was placed outside the front doors of the Jo Young Switzer Center, intended to help motivate students into getting involved. “We hoped it would be something fun that students would enjoy and remember,” Rosenbaum said.

Bohlander added: “Giving Day won’t be the same every year. But we plan to bring back the box.” The mystery box was opened twice throughout the day, the first time (10:45 a.m.) revealed volunteers offering free donuts and coffee and the second time (6 p.m.) was more Manchester-oriented with prizes such as t-shirts, highlighters, and foam squirrels.

“This is the second year we did the box,” Rosenbaum said. “But I think having students being involved this year was awesome.”

Students and alumni were both encouraged to get involved in the Giving Day festivities, either by volunteering to assist in promoting the event or help spread the word on the message Giving Day was sending out. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram were recommended for those participating in the extravaganza as an opportunity to show support to the importance of Giving Day and those it represented. “There was creative content and videos geared towards students, staff and faculty and alumni,” Hughes said. “It shows alum that what they’re giving is important to students.”

Rosenbaum said: “It was really special to see the students and alum come together. It created a sense of community among everybody.”

Giving Day presented the chance for alumni, students, staff and faculty to come together. “We are a community together and I think that’s what makes Manchester University special,” Bohlander said. “We are excited for next year and would love to hear some student suggestions.”

Hughes added: “People want to hear from students rather than just another staff member. I’m very proud of the students who volunteered that day.”