Manchester University
Oak Leaves

May 11, 2018

Students Plan Summer of Work, Play

Evan Harris

Do not be a bummer this summer. Summer vacation is just around the corner (a long two weeks away), and students are trying to plan their escapes from homework and papers for three months. 

While some students’ plans are limited to sleeping in until 4 p.m., other students have jobs waiting for them. “This summer I have a paid internship with Forte Residential, a company that works with children and young adults with special needs,” said junior Samantha Bontrager. "I will help them learn and improve life skills such as social interaction and seemingly simple things like ordering food at a restaurant. I will also work with my younger brothers, who both have special needs.

"While helping my clients with life skills and real world situational skills," she continued, "we are also able to take them on fun outings like going to the zoo or the movies or to different museums. I am looking forward to this internship, as I have a passion for helping the special needs community. I can’t wait to spend my whole summer with some of my favorite people.”  

Some students are graduating and look forward to their post-college endeavors. “I am just going to basically cry at home because I will be graduating, and I have no clue what I am going to do afterwards,” said senior Mary Powell, sarcastically. “I am actually going to work at the SJCPL (St. Joseph County Public Library) until I can find a position as an Au Pair (Nanny) in a foreign country.”

Sophomore Kayla Maynard said: “For the summer, I will be working at Camp Mack in Milford, IND. as a camp counselor, where I will be working with children while gaining more leadership skills. I am also going on a tour of New York City with the rest of the choir, and I will be heading to Chicago for a concert afterwards.”  

Though many students will be off campus soaking up the sun, the rest may be here on campus, battling the melting heat of the summer in Schwalm. “I will be doing an on-campus internship this summer as a Watershed Technician,” said sophomore Arpan Paul. “In this job, I will basically collect water samples and analyze the samples in the lab. Other than the internship, I just want to relax and also try new foods at different restaurants nearby.” 

To those who are not very active but want to get out and feel the sun against their skin, here are three ideas that one may want to ponder for the next three weeks. When in doubt, go on a road trip. As plain and basic as that may sound, road trips are a fantastic way to see nature in its many forms, as well as drive past places unknown. It is also a great start for those who dislike leaving the house over break. Take a friend time, which will help the time go by much faster. Do not forget to play favorite highways tunes loudly, too. 

Second, go out of the country. If one has a passport and the money to go with it, go see the breathtaking view atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the bustling crowds and large technology presence in Tokyo, having a chat with the Sphinx in Egypt, or even soaking up the sun on the beaches close to Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro.           

Lastly, if the first two options weren't possible, a simple “staycation” could work. Find local amenities that are interesting and have an exciting time. If that does not sound like fun, though, staying in bed curled up in covers will work, too.