Manchester University
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May 5, 2017

Manchester Tennis Loves Spring Season

Virginia Rendler

The Manchester University tennis teams have been working hard this spring season and has been having fun participating in matches. The match against Anderson on the 28th, the results of which will determine whether or not they make it to conference. 

Senior Adriana Brown plays number three doubles with her partner Alaina Beckner and number four singles. “This season for the girls went alright,” she said. “It is the spring and so we only play a couple of matches with the guys. I looked forward to playing Anderson because it was my last match as a senior with my fellow teammates and coach!” 

The women’s team practices from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. every weekday, and they work hard on drills and conditioning. Junior Erin Cordill is looking forward to beating the top women’s team in the fall. “I’ve always been involved in tennis and I have a great love for it,” Cordill said. “It’s like a family for me. You can learn lifelong lessons and stay in good shape, and I enjoy improving my overall record.” 

Being a student athlete is not always easy. According to Adriana Brown, the balance between academics and athletics can be tricky. “It is important to be on top of everything, because if you’re not, then things can get away from you faster than you can take a hold of them,” Brown said. “The most rewarding part about being a part of a team is bonding with all of the girls and our coach. Knowing that each of them is there for you whenever you need them is something so special!” 

The Manchester tennis team is unique because the men and women share a coach: Eric Christiansen. Brown said their coach works extra hard for them and every player on the team is grateful for him. “We’re also unique because each person brings something different to the team,” Brown said. “On the tennis team there is never a dull moment and every day is new and special!”

The men’s team also sees tennis as a fun sport and enjoys the camaraderie of the team. They practice every weekday around 3:30 p.m. Team member Isaac Collis loves how active the sport is, and the adrenaline that comes with it. “It’s very fast-paced, with no breaks,” he said. “The program is the best it’s been in a long time, and we’re looking to make it to conference. I think tennis is cool because it’s a sport you can enjoy at any level, and I would like to see it become more popular among youth because not very many children learn how to play. Anybody can come, it just takes time and dedication.” 

Senior Stratton Smith plays number one singles and doubles. He said the team is making great improvements throughout the season. “The season is moving quickly and we're moving through matches, getting better and better,” Smith said.

Smith agreed that the most difficult part of being on the team is the balance between academics, social life and athletics, but the dynamic and the fun that the team has together makes it all worth it. “If there's one thing to know about our team, it's that we're goofy, we joke a lot and we're all comfortable and connected,” Smith said. We're a small squad of guys and there's an essence to tennis that is a lot more intimate and personal than another sport, and we all love it.”