Manchester University
Oak Leaves

November 10, 2017

'A Doll's House' Play Premieres Tonight

Kaity Collins 

Tonight Manchester presents its first feature play of the year: “A Doll’s House.” Written by Henrik Ibsen and adapted by Frank McGuinness, “A Doll’s House” takes place in late 19th-century Norway and tells the story of a husband and wife, Torvald and Nora Helmer. The plot focuses on their marriage and how Nora becomes restless about a woman’s place within society and within a marriage.

Director Kira Hawkins, lecturer of theatre, cast a large range of student performers, from first-years to seniors. “I chose this play because it’s my favorite,” Hawkins said. “And we have a good group of talent here at MU.” 

Members of the cast are looking forward to opening night and are proud of the progress they have made. “I think we are in pretty good shape,” said senior Clayton Marcum, who plays Torvald Helmer. “It will be pretty amazing; we’re finally showing people our art.”

Cast members agreed. “I feel like we are making a lot of progress and working well together,” said first-year Gus Sparks, who plays Krogstad. “I hope for a good turnout.”
Their final rehearsal was Thursday night, Nov. 9, and though everyone is a bit nervous, the excitement outweighs the anxiety. “I am very encouraged and proud of the people,” Hawkins said. “I imagine it will be a good time.”

Sophomore Tiffany Phinezy plays Kristine Linde. "I feel the play is on track and every day I fall more in love with it,” she said. “It’s my first official show, so I want to do well.”

Ryan DeMars is also ready for opening night. “We’re starting to live in the moment and getting to know our characters,” said DeMars, who plays Dr. Rank. “The show will go how everyone has prepared.”

A good attendance is expected for opening night and Hawkins, as well as the entire cast, is hoping the outcome is surprising and exciting for the audience.

Showtimes are 7:30 on Nov. 10–11 and 2:30 on Nov. 12 in Wampler Auditorium. MU students get in free; general admission is $10, with a student and senior ticket of $7.