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November 10, 2017

Women's Soccer Earlham Senior Day (3)

Jenny Pudlo and parents. 

Photo courtesy of MU Athletics

Women's Soccer Earlham Senior Day (1)

Delanie Jones and family.

Photo courtesy of MU Athletics

Womens soccer senior day (1)

Maggie Carpenter and parents.

Photo courtesy of MU Athletics

Women's Soccer Ends in Senior Day Celebrations and Recognitions

Wayne Smith

The Lady Spartans concluded their season recently, splitting their final two games against Bluffton University and Earlham College. They ended their season on a record of 1-15-1, with their lone win coming against Bluffton in 2-1 fashion. The duo of Miranda Birmingham and Courtney Hersick paved the way for Lady Spartans, as players earned three goals and four assists combined.

The Spartans were left scoreless on the pitch in the first half of the game, ultimately trailing 1-0. Then they mounted a comeback in the second frame, when Delanie Jones rocketed a shot into the back of net to tie the game in the 73rd minute. When it seemed to be going into overtime, Hersick booted a shot into the Bluffton keeper, it rebounded to Birmingham’s feet, then met the net to give the Spartans the edge in extra time. 
Head coach Christine Johnson, who returned from a maternity leave, hinted at the importance of this win. “From a morale standpoint, we really needed this win; we are so much more talented than our record shows,” she said. 

Senior Pfeiffer Neubert emphasized the importance of Coach Johnson’s return. “Having Christine back was fantastic,” Neubert said. “She brought so much energy to the team, and really got us going. She always tells us to keep fighting, even when we are down. This win was such a great win for the seniors that put the time into the program, and it really helped bring some fun back to the team." 

The tables were turned in their regular season finale, though. As the Spartans jumped out to a 3-1 lead in the first half, the season seemed to be ending on a high note with back-to-back wins, until Earlham scored three goals in the final 20 minutes of the game, sealing the fate of the Lady Spartans' season in a heartbreaker. 

Neubert, didn’t let the loss get in the way of the day. “Senior day was really special," she said. "All the juniors, sophomores and first-years put so much work in to make sure we had a perfect last game of our careers. Hearing their favorite memories reminded me of all the great opportunities I have had in a Spartan uniform.”