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November 16, 2018

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International Fashion Show Celebrates Clothing, Culture

Marcus Zwiebel


Manchester University’s International Fashion Show will celebrate culture and clothing from a variety of nations on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. in Cordier Auditorium. The International Fashion Show, also a VIA event, will feature approximately 40 models and several entertainers which, in the past, have been as varied as singers, dancers and standup, as well as the effort and dedication of 12 individuals backstage and behind the scenes.

Clothing and other materials for the show were lent by faculty, staff, students and members of the community. Ed and Martha Miller, owners of One World Handcrafts in downtown North Manchester, personally donated several bins of clothing which will feature material from approximately 13 countries and expand the show’s collection.

While the fashion show celebrates and showcases international fashion and the subsequent increasing interest, it also opens the university community to discussions about fashion, history, culture and appropriate representation. “We, this year, have an emphasis on appropriation in fashion, and how to properly and appropriately wear clothing with that in mind,” said Delina Tewende, president and liaison of Manchester’s International Association and multicultural affairs programmer.

The International Fashion Show has successfully been presented on campus over 10 times and complements the International Buffet. Historically, both the buffet and the fashion show occurred during International Education Week at Manchester, which eventually divided into those several events that occur throughout the school year.

The fashion show is highly anticipated and boasts an increase in models, clothing and attendance each year. It is also an opportunity for students to bond over cultural style, something that every individual shares, and fosters connectivity through the planning of the show and the attendance of the student populace. “I enjoy the students and their interactions with others during the show; especially the students’ take on exhibiting pieces and having pride about their country,” said Michael Dixon, director of Intercultural Services and Chief Diversity Officer. “Fashion is very personal, and I really enjoy seeing that personal pride with each student.”

Students may visit the Multicultural Affairs homepage to learn more information about the International Fashion Show, other events and the department itself. Information may also be attained from contacting Tewende or Dixon. There are also advertisements posted around campus which contain details about the location and time of the International Fashion Show.

“We have really eclectic pieces and a mix of modern and traditional styles,” Tewende said. “I also really find it interesting to see the blend of the two, especially on a model that happens to also be a student.”