Manchester University
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November 18, 2016


Students Share Their Thanksgiving Traditions

Mack Leinweber

The season of Thanksgiving is here and many college students will be going home for the first time since August. Whether one enjoy the holidays with family or just want to be able to sleep in, college students will finally be able to take a break.
Thanksgiving break is ideally a time for students to relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and to get some sleep. “My Thanksgiving tradition is going to my grandma’s house every year, and after dinner, we all crowd around the flat screen and watch football,” said junior Patrick Bear.  “On the days after Thanksgiving, I’ll be fishing with my friends.”

On Thanksgiving night, Black Friday will start and many people will be shopping for many great deals. “Most likely I’ll be shopping on Black Friday with my cousins,” Bear said. “It is pretty intense out there with all the crazy shoppers, but it is something to do.” Many Americans partake in this event to do all of their Christmas shopping. 

Some families play football every Thanksgiving as part of their tradition. “My family has a Turkey Bowl,” Bear said. “It’s the annual football game between my family and whoever wins has bragging rights for the whole year. We have it the day before Thanksgiving.”

Though most domestic students will be coming home, some student-athletes will be remaining in North Manchester due to sports. “I have to stay on campus during break because of wrestling, but I don’t mind it,” said first-year Tristan Choete. “I can hang out with friends from the team. I’ll be playing videogames with friends when I don’t have wrestling.”