Manchester University
Oak Leaves

November 20, 2015

College of Business Club Boasts 200+ Members

Zach Newcomer

The Accounting and Business Club (ABC) and the Spartan Sport Management Club are no longer separate entities on campus. This fall, the two clubs merged into the College of Business Club, creating one of the largest student organizations on campus with nearly 220 members. The club keeps the values and ideas of the former clubs, but now focuses on helping all students in the College of Business, regardless of major. 

Sophomore Megan Stouder, former president of the Spartan Sport Management Club, is president of the new club. Junior Tiana Maclin is vice-president, junior Cassy Dibley is secretary and junior Nick Thomas is treasurer. “The new executive board is great,” Stouder said, a sport management major. “I know we will all work really well together.” 

The club will maintain the ABC structure and have the directors of committees and committee members. These extra committees provide students opportunities to get involved with marketing, event management, professional development and community outreach. 

 “Every student should be a part of the College of Business Club,” Maclin said, a management and marketing major. “A student will either work for a business, have their own business, or work with a business and CBC is a great outlet to explore and see what is out there.”

Both clubs bring different events to the new club and hope with the large number of members, that new events can become custom. 

“The biggest thing I want to accomplish is turn ‘Tailgate for A Cause’ into an annual tradition,” Stouder said. “I would like to get people involved from both previous clubs.” 

The club’s first Christmas party is scheduled for 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 1 in the Oakwood great room.