Manchester University
Oak Leaves

November 22, 2019


Christopher Carroll, Guest Columnist


For many students, college can be a time to have fun and experiment with new things. Manchester’s drug and alcohol policy corresponds with state law and NCAA regulations and policy. However, there can are always consequences one must be willing to face, especially for student-athletes. Here at Manchester our campus is a dry campus, which means no alcohol on campus, that also includes the prohibition of illegal substances such as marijuana.

If one were to be caught with one or many of these substances, depending on the situation students could face minor consequences such as a fee or community service hours. Depending on the amount of illegal substances a student is caught with and the degree of use they were involved in, it could result in a much more serious consequence such suspension and/or expulsion from the university, as well as penalties from law enforcement.

Remember that marijuana is still illegal in Indiana, despite it being legalized for recreational use in surrounding states such as Illinois and Michigan. Use and possession of Marijuana is still a felony and punishable by jail time or community service in Indiana. Now for student athletes, the consequences are stricter: even if the student is 21, using an illegal substance or drinking on campus is still illegal.

Student-athletes are required to consent to random drug testing as required by the NCAA and the rules of Manchester University. They can face punishment if a test is positive; these punishments can vary depending on the athlete’s coach but the NCAA regulations and policy for a first offense is that the student sits out one game or meet.

So it is important to remember that coaches can suspend student-athletes for more playing time than the NCAA requires. A positive drug test also means a letter will be sent home to the student-athlete’s parents. If caught with or abusing these illegal substances, the student-athlete will have a conduct hearing and will have a chance to tell their side of the story and discuss what the punishment is.

For all students it is important to remember the consequences of our actions and what we could lose from the abuse of illegal substances. Those actions could prevent you from participating in athletics or prevent you from being fully engaged in school. Every action has a price or a consequence, so remember to make the right decisions and keep your head clear.