Manchester University
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November 30, 2018

Allen Machielson

Machielson says farewell to Manchester faculty and staff at his goodbye party in the Toyota Round.

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Allen Machielson Leaves Manchester After 11 Years

Erin Brock


Allen Machielson, former dean of Student Experience, has left Manchester after 11 years due to university restructuring. Before holding this position, Machielson spent eight years as the associate dean for Student Development/Director of Residential Life. From his years at Manchester University, Machielson holds positive memories and a hopeful heart as he leaves.

Before arriving at Manchester, Machielson worked as the associate dean and director of Residential Life at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut for eight years. However, it was the sense of family at Manchester that not only brought Machielson here but also kept him here as well.

“I really felt that everyone cared for each other,” Machielson explains. “I have had many great relationships with staff, students and faculty over the years.”

These relationships are also part of the reason Machielson appreciated Manchester so much. The interactions he had with each person he came in contact with were important to him and while his job wasn’t always easy, the ability to laugh with others despite the difficult times was something he loved most about his job.

“I have worked hard alongside some wonderful people and in the most difficult times we have been able to laugh together and see the joy in the work that we did,” he said.

Being the Title IX Coordinator for three years was not an easy job, and it included many tough conversations and hard work, but for Machielson, that was okay. “I love to listen and serve,” he said. Some of Machielson’s favorite experiences were the one-on-ones he would have with others. “Even tough conversations can lead to learning, progress and development,” he said.

Title IX is a program set up on campus for students to report sexual misconduct, and part of Machielson’s job as a Title IX Coordinator was to oversee the incidents that were reported. Through one-on-one conversations and investigations, Machielson was able to perform a difficult job while, as he said, still seeing the good in each person he met.

Machielson made a point in every aspect of his job to show kindness and empathy towards each person he interacted with. “Each person has their own story and own way of looking at the world,” Machielson said. “We are all on the journey together and my goal has always been to walk alongside people in both joyous and difficult times.”

After eleven years, Machielson is sad to see his time at Manchester come to an end but is grateful for the time that he had. “I may not have always made the right decision and I know that I have not always made everyone happy, but I hope I have always been kind,” Machielson said. “I have truly loved my time at Manchester and I am sorry to see it end.”