Manchester University
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November 30, 2018

Caraline International Fashion Show (4)

Fort Wayne Chinese Families and Friends Association performs a traditional Chinese dance in beautiful garments.
Photo by Caraline Feairheller

Fashion Show Exhibits Clothing from Other Nations

Emily Ryder


On Saturday Nov. 17, 2018, the 10th International Fashion Show, titled “New Beginnings,” took place in Cordier Auditorium at Manchester University at 7 p.m. While the crowd anxiously waited for the show to start, a video was introduced featuring a number of Manchester University Spartans talking about what wearing clothing from different cultures means to them and immediately captured the attention of everyone in the room. Following the video, the show began and the stage occupied two hosts David Alvarez and Kennedy Haynes. The charistmatic duo took turns introducing each country and model.

The room was dark and the first countries to occupy the stage were represented from the Asian Awareness Association Club. Countries such as, Japan, China, Indonesia and India were shown through various traditional and even more popular clothing. The styles of clothing ranged from bright, colorful silky textures, to darker tones and an array of patterns. In addition, there were also performances such as, a number of dances from different cultures and even a singing performance. Furthermore, junior Hawyar Farooq, who was a model representing multiple countries said, “Alongside being a model, I also volunteered to be part of the Chinese people performance that night. The group needed some volunteers for their dragon dance and I was super excited to participate. Although we only practiced for a couple of minutes, the dance went really well and the audience and the audience enjoyed the performance.”

Out of all, I can say I enjoyed the dragon dance a lot as it was totally a new experience for me. On the educational side, I learned more about the Asian culture which was presented by Asian Awareness Association (AAA). Overall, it was an eye-opening experience which encouraged me to learn more about different cultures and definitively make more friends.”

Secondly, the African Student Association, represented clothing from the many different countries of Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Liberia and more. Farooq, who represented multiple countries and clothing said, “The International Fashion Show was a great experience, as I was introduced to new cultures and made some very cool friends along the way. I was dressed in a beautiful Nigerian dress with a cap and it was the most comfortable dress I have ever worn.”

Next, the Hispanos Unidos group represented the countries such as Ecuador, Brazil, Panama and central Mexico. There were many different styles and types of clothing worn, especially displaying bright colors and patterns and similarly contrasting with the darker colors. Senior Ariana Papadakis who modeled a traditional dress from Panama said, “I enjoyed learning about other cultures and spending time with the other participants. I learned that cultures around the world are unique, different in their own way, but they also have similarities. Celebrating those differences and similarities was wonderful.”

Next, the Manchester University International Association represented countries such as Finland and Germany. Senior Nathan Timmerman who modeled for Vietnam and Finland said, “My role included me representing countries by wearing their traditional clothing. The part I enjoyed the most from this opportunity was interacting with a large group of people that I hadn’t really previously known, and then being able to learn more about them and all the awesome talents and unique clothes they had to offer from many different countries.”

And lastly, the United Sexuality Club, along with the Black Student Union group teamed up to represent the United States evolution of fashion from the 1970s until now.