Manchester University
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November 4, 2016


A visiting princess collects candy and other treats from MU dorms

'Monster Mash' Treats Local Kids to Candy across MU campus

Shelby Harrell

It was a dark and stormy night on the Manchester University Campus as young trick-or-treaters from the North Manchester community flooded the floors of East Hall last Wednesday. The floorboards creaked as the RAs and volunteers haunted each floor. With heart, creativity and a little nostalgia, each volunteer contributed to make Monster Mash 2016 a wonderful evening for all trick-or-treaters.

In order to connect with her inner child and prepare for the evening, first year Elizabeth Lasseter reflected on some of the best memories of Halloween in her years past. “Going through a corn maze and a haunted mansion with my friends a couple of years ago would have to be my favorite,” she said.

The desire to give the local children and their families a great Halloween experience served as the driving motivation for the group of students involved. “I was very eager to decorate and to make it as fun as possible for the kids,” Lasseter said.

East Hall also contributed to the fun by hosting a competition called the “Wing Wars.” Each floor decorated their area in a theme chosen by the floor’s RA. Trick-or-treaters then voted for their favorite floor at the front desk of the hall. At the end of the evening, East’s third floor had won first prize for its Aquarium and Zoo theme, the second floor was named runner up for its SpongeBob theme, and the first floor took third place for its superhero theme.
The wide variety of costumes worn by the trick-or-treaters served as a source of delight for many of the volunteers. Lasseter, whose personal favorite costume was Pippi Longstocking, described the costume as “inventive.” “A lot of kids came through tonight,” she added. “They were very creative.”

That creativity, as well as excitement and the care from each volunteer involved, contributed to the overall winning atmosphere of the Monster Mash. According to Lasseter, the event had a great turnout, even during a rainy Wednesday.