Manchester University
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November 4, 2016


Students gather for the first Asian Awareness Association meeting

Asian Awareness Association Returns to Campus

Jacob Light

The Asian Awareness Association (AAA) is a group that focuses on teaching and informing others on the different Asian cultures in a fun way.
The club began again because of the lack of Asian representation on campus. “Although OMA and MUIA do a good job including Asians in their organization topics, there are no clubs on campus that focus on all of the different types of Asians,” said Sherry Wong, director of events.

Judy Truong, president of Triple A, is bringing it back following a year’s hiatus, and is looking forward to reaching the association’s goals.
This semester, AAA has hosted themed events, focusing on different Asian countries, such as Korea and China. “We taught people the proper way to use chopsticks at the last meeting,” Truong said. She also noted that she learned a lot about herself while reviving Triple A. “A lot of work that goes into running a club,” she said. “I hope that we can establish a firm foundation for this club for future students to come. Because we have just started the club back up again, we do not have a major event planned this semester.”

The group’s biggest event will be its Asian Lunar New Year celebration in February. “We will be having a hotpot cookout and releasing lanterns into the sky.”

Wong encourages people of all ethnicities and backgrounds to join the club. “So far, we have had many different people with such different backgrounds attend our meetings,” Wong said. “Triple A is here for anyone and everyone. It is not just for Asians on campus. Anyone interested in the culture, or interested in trying different food should definitely join us.”