Manchester University
Oak Leaves

November 9, 2018

A Collaboration of Art, Music and Science at VIA

Mariella Angeles


A VIA presentation of a mixture of science and MU’s Symphony Orchestra was presented to students and the public on October 29. There were displays before the presentation that included liquid nitrogen ice cream, various student displays that showcased the planets and a star ten lab was also pitched.

The VIA, which brought many visitors of all ages to Cordier Auditorium, started at 7:30 p.m. The MSO director and conductor, Scott Humphries, opened up the VIA with addressing the audience that it is the 80th season for the Manchester Symphony Orchestra. He spoke about his love and admiration for Star Trek, which was fitting because the concert was opened up with three Star Trek pieces: First Contact, Inner Light and Into the Darkness.

Then the stage lights when up and Humphries introduced the guest speaker, Astronomer and Visual Artist, Dr. Jose Francisco Salgado. He presents the upcoming film to be “science driven, not science fiction,” and closed with urging students to be multidisciplinary.

The actual film showed various images of space: various planets, stars and comets. Many images of earth from the perspective of space were also shown. Various peninsulas and glaciers from varying countries were presented. Some notable images included a supernova remnant, which was the crab nebula. The accompanying music fit the film well, when the film showed stars or solar systems forming, the orchestra performed suspenseful music. When a black hole was shown, the orchestra accompanied such events with peaceful and serene music.

The ending was dramatic with pieces of space rushing through the screen and the orchestra depicted it theatrically and abruptly. A standing ovation ensued for the tasteful collaboration of Art, Music and Space.