Manchester University
Oak Leaves

November 9, 2018

Costume Dodgeball a ‘Hit’ Among Students

Alexandria Collins


The classic 5 D’s of dodgeball are dip, dodge, duck, dive and dodge. And that’s just what Manchester University students did, all the while in Halloween costumes. On Nov. 1, Spartan Choices committee hosted MU’s annual Costume Dodgeball tournament.

Four teams of four joined in on this Halloween fun. Nate Tesmer’s team, which ultimately won the championship, consisted of Tesmer, Anjel Clemente, Guerby Ruuska and Christian Pool.

The team decided to dress up as soccer players, except for Clemente, who dressed up as Nacho Libre. Why choose soccer costumes? “So it would be easy for me to move around,” Tesmer said. “A classic strategy.”

The team’s other strategy was to go for the weakest link and try to take them down one at a time. And after battling every competitor, while fighting hard, they advanced to the final round.

The players and their creative costumes matched the competition’s athletic intensity. There were zombies, wrestlers and a crowd favorite— Jim Halpert from “The Office.” Assistant coach Dakota Steele mimicked one of Jim’s iconic Halloween outfits: three-hole punch Jim. He attached three black circles to his white polo and carried a white mug around with him.

Even though Jim from “The Office” did not win the tournament, he won the spectators’ attention.