Manchester University
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October 6, 2018
new volleyball coach
New women’s volleyball coach, Ivan Matos, gives directions to the Lady Spartans during their match against Rose-Hulman. 

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Changes to Volleyball Gives Renewed Energy

Alexandria Collins


As news spread around campus about the Women’s volleyball team losing their Head Coach mid-July, so did the stress.

Manchester University’s Volleyball Coach Bryndon Paulsen resigned as Head Coach to join the coaching staff of Clarke University, his departure left the team with no coach until three weeks before their first game.

Athetics Director Rick Espeset guided the Lady Spartans in the right direction by selecting many candidates that would fit best for the program. After a long process, the hiring committee and the team decided on Ivan Matos to take the role as the new coach of the University. Matos has served as head coach of Fort Wayne’s Empowered Volleyball Academy, he is also a graduate volleyball player from Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Matos later on played professionally in Puerto Rico. The newly picked coach brings all of his volleyball intelligence from years of experience, to help the Lady Spartans become as successful as possible.

To help with the transition, senior Haley Duncan stepped up to the net to make sure everything was in line and ready to go. She helped with all the dirty work including a new look for the team, the Fall Break California trip, open gyms, and everything in-between. The helpful senior wanted a new start to the season, trying her best to make it successful.

The girls have made such improvements on ball control, a better understanding of the game, and one to stand out most, aggressiveness. Since the Lady Spartans had Coach Matos, Day 1 seemed like a game changer for the program. Balls are dropping less, they hit harder, and the sets are cleaner, making the program look superior.

There was all around improvement from every single player. Each day the focus is to improve in some way. With the help of Michael (Mike) Frank, the new assistant coach, the passers see a new opportunity to excel in passing. The program is looking better than ever.

I think this year has been a step up in all aspects of the game for the team. The girls are now beating teams they haven’t defeated from way back, including Olivet and Saint Mary’s. Running a faster offense has helped the team tremendously. Bringing Matos and Frank into the program make the girls look better all around.

I believe the Athletic Program did a great job picking successful candidates. This could be a very good opportunity for the girls to really step it up in the future. Conference teams should be on the lookout for the Lady Spartans in the near future!