Manchester University
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October 6, 2018

New Season, New Leadership in Women’s Volleyball

Erin Brock


Women’s volleyball has been adjusting to new leadership this year as Ivan Matos, former assistant coach of Purdue Fort Wayne, takes over.

Matos, IPFW grad, joined the Spartan community in August 2018 and the players on the team are noticing changes already. “This year has been quite an adjustment for us all,” says junior Anna Marie Lawrie. “With the new coach, we are improving our game both on and off the court. We started slow, but [we] are pushing with strong efforts to finish the rest of the season on a high note.”

So far, the team has had 10 losses and 4 wins, but the players are hopeful for the games to come. “This season has been such a mental and physical test for all of us with our new coach and we have adjusted so well,” says sophomore Kenzie Rooks. “We have such high expectations, and, despite our record, we have been playing much better volleyball.”

The team will play again on Friday, October 5, at Occidental at 9 p.m.