Manchester University
Oak Leaves

October 6, 2018
Students dressed up in inflatable wrestling suits and tried to knock each other over.
Photo by Caraline Feairheller

Students Enjoy Numerous Activities at the Success Fest

Kylie Mitchell


To kick off Homecoming Weekend, the Student Success Center and MAC presented the Success Fest 2018 on the mall. Apart from spending the day with MAC and Student Success, the fest offered games, inflatables and popcorn.

The day was beautiful and crisp. Fall was making itself known as temperature dropped, leaves fell to the ground, and everything was colored in yellows, oranges, and reds. The sun lazily shone through the trees, making the day just right. Laughter and music filled the air as students lounged around in the peaceful afternoon.

The Success Fest is an opportunity to connect students, and allow them to have a fun and engaging experience.

Games included Canned Jammed, a game similar to Corn Hole, where two teams of two try to throw a frisbee into the can or knock it in with their hand.

Other activities included Hillbilly Golf, Corn Hole, and Bottle Bash, a game which involves knocking a bottle down with a frisbee. The event also hosted Sumo Wrestling and riding inflatables that look like whales.

Apart from games, many tables were set up to promote signups for SOL. Other tables invited students to write down any advice that could help improve one’s success at MU. More recreational activities were set up at other tables that challenged students to balance a feather on their own hand, to make bracelets and enter their names into different raffles.

Overall, the Success Fest was successful. The sunny weather suited the day well, and many students came out to enjoy the games, food, and beverages offered by Student Success and MAC.