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October 14, 2016


Kathi Thompson signs 'Tiger Lily' book

Alumni Writers Featured in Author Convention

Brittany Dilley

MU celebrated its alumni authors during Homecoming, with a book exhibit and a “meet-and-greet” in the Jo Young Switzer Center.

The alumni authors’ convention consisted of many experienced writers, their inspirations ranging from personal struggle to one’s inner child. Flora Williams, graduate of the class of 1955, was one of the attending authors. Williams’s writings have focused on financial guidance and inspiration to those in need. She also writes inspirational poetry, and just released a book this past summer. “The audience is for older people or for anyone who has experienced a loss,” Williams said with sincerity.

In addition to writing, Williams previously taught in public schools and became a professor at Purdue University after getting her master’s degree and PhD. While at Purdue, Williams wrote 21 books. “In previous years, I focused on low income or different types of segments of the society,” Williams said. 
The inspirational style of writing came after Williams had retired from Purdue University and she had attended Bethany Seminary for six years.

Kathi Thompson, graduate of the class of 1975, was another attending alum. Thompson studied sociology, which was not exactly an established major at MU at that time. During her junior year at MU, she mainly focused on her academics, her part time job, along with her internship at the time.

Thompson’s inspiration for writing came 16 years ago when she decided to move from Indianapolis back to her family farm. “This injured, little, horrible looking kitten wrapped herself around my leg and wouldn’t let go,” Thompson said. “I took her home, she healed up. She became my life,” Thompson said. Thompson named the kitten Tiger Lily, which is the inspiration for the mystery series she has written. Thompson knew that she wanted to either have her own restaurant called “Tiger Lily” or write a book about it.

Thompson is now working on the seventh edition of the Tiger Lily mystery series, She also uses her Photoshop skills to style the covers. Thompson uses the same cover for each edition, but on the left side of the cover, she pastes in something she finds interesting and forms a title and a story from that. 

She already has 26 plots and themes planned out from her Photoshop escapades. “I’m going to be the first Stephen King of Pulaski County, Indiana,” Thompson said. “I’m going to be rich and they are going to make television series.” She plans to continue her life of writing along with caring for her feline friends in the “lap of luxury.”