Manchester University
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October 14, 2016


Friends of the Weather performs at MU Homecoming

MU Musicians Rock Homecoming

Lizzy Raimondi

The “fifth quarter” of the football game used guitars instead of game balls, and mics instead of headsets.  Situated in the middle of the track field, this additional “quarter” showcased two bands—one comprised of alumni performers and one comprised of current students. 

“Friends of The Weather” were an alumni band that used to be named “Mutual Kumquat.” This group just released an album, and some of the songs they played were from their new release. The band consisted of one bass player, one drummer, one electric guitar player and an acoustic guitar player who also played keyboards or ukulele in different songs. Brimming with energy, the four musicians played 21 songs during the span of an hour and 44 minutes, all in one continuous set.
It was a good day to play, as the sky was clear and many people showed up to listen. Indeed, considering the group’s name, maybe it had an in. Friends of the Weather played all original music, and they sang songs about peace and love for all of humankind. They also performed some country tunes in the midst of the show. 

Amps behind the band ensured that the music pumped out beyond the track. “The music was fantastic and it added so much to the event, said first year, Dominic Marietta, who was in the audience. “I really enjoyed being there and being a part of the community.” 

The other band that played was Infinity Now, which is a local band featuring Sarah Farnam, Colin Singer, Clayton Kroger, Phil Klinker and Nathan Huber. On Saturday, they played at 6 p.m. on the track, following Friends of the Weather. 

Their music was filled with life and contained a youthful dreaminess that made the crowd go wild. The band played current hits, 80s classics and songs from their recent album. The audience was filled with faculty, staff and students from all grade levels. “The music was really well put together and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to local music with musicians straight out of Manchester,” said first year Baylee Adkins. “The way that they set their set list up was really well done and got the crowd hyped up.”