Manchester University
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October 14, 2016

Football Players

Spartans walk in on homecoming

Spartans Fall to Yellow Jackets

Brenden Damron

Nothing speaks fall like a Midwestern college football game, especially during Homecoming. On Saturday, Oct. 8, current and alumni students of the Manchester community filled the stands of Carl W. Burt Memorial Field as the MU Spartans took on Defiance College for Homecoming 2016.

As Manchester football won Homecoming the last three out of four years, this game was hyped up to result in a win. Leading the team was sophomore quarterback Tristan Chester, senior defensive lineman Billy Pigg, and junior linebacker Jack Kay. “These players are becoming students of the game,” said head coach Nate Jensen. “They understand this isn’t something you can do part time.” Jensen also added that these leaders influenced the rest of the team since the first practice and encouraged the team to be ready for anything. 

And they needed to be. From kickoff to the final down of the game, the Defiance defense was ruthless. Despite the best efforts of Chester, who scored both of the Black and Gold’s touchdowns, he could not fight through Defiance College’s defense. Even with the crowd of fans screaming at the top of their lungs in support, the MU Spartans fell to the Yellow Jackets with a final score of 14 to 20. 

No matter the outcome, the Spartans’ spirits could not be lowered. Jensen focuses on looking ahead. “They just have to keep moving forward,” he said. 
Before Manchester takes on their next challengers, their goal is to improve their defense. During the game, Chester was hit in the backfield and sacked a total of nine times.

The tough loss didn’t stop the other Homecoming activities from happening. “Even though we lost, Homecoming weekend is still a great time to hang out and be with friends,” said junior Allyson Brown. 

Even the football players took part in the activities. “Even though we lost, we can still enjoy the weekend,” said first year offensive lineman Tanner Fernung.

Even though the Black and Gold Spartans laid it all on the field, it wasn’t quite enough. The MU Spartans will next on the road as they travel to Rose-Hulman tomorrow.