Manchester University
Oak Leaves

October 20, 2017


"Wrangler." From Jul. 3 to Oct. 16, Manchester University's  Link Gallery has presented Diane Tesler's artwork collection "Passages." Tesler studied at Antioch College, but claims that her life didn't begin until she started painting in Hawaii in the 1970's. The landscape inspired her to try painting. "Overcoming an initial hesitation, I went out into one of the junkyards with a sketchbook. What I found there has remained a constant in my work ever since: the power of light to reveal form and the beauty of the discarded,"  stated Telser in a brochure for Manchester University. 

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"Funnel Cake and Elephant Ears." In 1973, Tesler moved to Virginia to join the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, where she is currently a painting instructor at Art League School. 

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"Suns." Life brought Tesler to northern Indiana in 1986 on a painting trip, and she later purchased a home in Kewana, Ind. in 1991 to use as a studio. She officially moved residences to Indiana in 2012 and is continuing her painting career. 

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