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October 27, 2017


New Changes Added to Menu in Haist Commons; Now Variety of Options 

Wayne Smith 

If you have had a meal in Haist Commons recently, you may have noticed some changes within the facility, ranging from the addition of flat-screen televisions to a completely renovated food menu.

In the past few years, the food variety was straightforward: the same food was served on both sides of the main line, and the food changed every meal. Coupled with pasta, pizza and the Mongolian stirfry options that were available every day, those were the options in Haist Commons.

Compare that to this year, where there is a newly added deli sandwich station, and the types of pizza change on a daily, if not, hourly basis. The main line has two different options of food to eat, with one side being options diners would find at a fast food joint, and the other being slightly more exotic.

Chef Chris Fogerty explained that the food choice is something he carefully considers when he creates his menu. He actually collaborates with the other Chartwells chefs across the nation to create a menu of food options that appeal, and satisfy the largest audience possible.

These changes came as a surprise to many students at the beginning of the year. However, many have gotten tired of eating the same foods for lunch and dinner every day. Many students began voicing their frustrations on social media, writing posts in hopes to never see another hamburger being served for a while. This is something that Chef Fogerty has started to combat.

“Yeah, I have seen some of the students’ tweets, and it’s frustrating,” Chef said. In order to satisfy the students’ wants, Chef came up with an idea. “Last week we started the ‘Weekly Cook Special,’ where one of the cooks makes the choice of what variety of food is to be served for the week, such as the sloppy joe variations we served last week,” he said. This brings some more variety to the table, while still generally serving the same type of food.

To bring more variety elsewhere, Chef has opened his menu in other lines, such as the pizza and pasta station. “I started letting Becca (the pizza cook) experiment with the dough and crusts, and the experiments are turning out well,” he said. 

Chef has also changed the “Chef’s Table” menu, where the well-known Chartwells employee Jeanie, does her work. “Up until now, that table has been strictly for vegetarians and vegans; however, in the middle of Indiana, there just isn’t enough interest in the station to continue those options,” he said. Chef said that Jeanie will be going back to her old tricks, such as making a variety of fresh sandwiches among other items. While the vegetarian and vegan options will still be available in the main line, those with a special diet will have the option to cook veggies in the stir fry line, away from the other meats, opening a new avenue for those consumers.

Since the changes were made to the menu, there seems to be more satisfaction with the food options in Haist Commons, and Chef hopes to keep it that way.

Chef and the Chartwells staff would also accept any recommendations from students, faculty and staff. If you have any you would like to make, Chef is available via email at