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October 27, 2018

MiKayla Duzan

Junior physical education major MiKayla Duzan.

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Duzan Honored for Midwest Outstanding Student Award from SHAPE America

Kaleigh Gabriel


Junior physical education major MiKayla Duzan has been awarded the Midwest Outstanding Student Award by SHAPE America and is now being considered for national recognition.

Beginning last spring, Duzan competed against six other students from Indiana for the Outstanding Student Award from InSHAPE, which stands for Indiana Society of Health and Physical Educators. She then became an applicant for the Midwest region title and was notified just recently that she had won the 2019 Midwest Outstanding Student Award. Now she is a candidate for the national title and Ruth Abernathy Presidential Scholarship.

The Outstanding Student Award from SHAPE America is earned by an undergraduate in the physical education and health field who best displays strong leadership in a variety of areas, strong representation of their field in their academic work and is in a variety of health science fields.

Duzan met this list of requirements and was quickly nominated for the award before then being selected as Midwest regional student. “The moment when I most felt the work for this award was worthwhile was when I received a text message from one of my high school teachers, congratulating me and telling me how proud he was of me,” Duzan recalls. “I realized in that moment that I was not only representing Manchester University, but I was actually representing my hometown and my high school and all the people that helped me get to Manchester, so I could receive opportunities like these.”

Now she awaits for the results of the National division.

Dr. Kim Duchane represented the Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training by nominating MiKayla for the InSHAPE award. “She has been a leader in our department for three years and as she prepares to student teach and graduate next year, we are excited what she will do with her students in the future,” he said.

Duchane also describes Duzan as a hardworking and academically dedicated student that is highly deserving of this award. Senior Amy Weeks has felt passionate about recycling at MU since her first year on campus. She hopes her project will help others become aware of their environmental footprints. Photo provided junior physical education major MiKayla Duzan. Photo provided “MiKayla balances her studies with volunteer service to the MU community, serving as a Student Orientation Leader and a member of Student Education Association,” Duchane said.

She is a physical education major hoping to work with middle and high school students. Teaching is a big part of her life and something she’s always thought about for her future. “Both of my parents and grandparents are teachers, so it’s the only thing I’ve ever known,” Duzan says. “I also had two teachers, one in middle school and one in high school, who both played a major roles in my life and I want to follow in their footsteps and support students the way they supported me.”

Her goals after finishing her studies at Manchester include becoming a physical education and health teacher for middle and high school students to help pass along the guidance she received herself. Duzan also contemplates completing an administrative license, allowing her to become an athletic director in the future.

Until then, she is eagerly awaiting the news on the National Outstanding Student Award.