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October 27, 2018

Science Seminars Provide Opportunity to Share Academic Research

Camron Canniff


Science Seminar is meant to introduce MU students to various topics and research to increase knowledge in the field.

Dr. Cassandra Gohn recently presented a seminar on the biology summer research project that she conducted with three Manchester students. One of these students, Evan Sabelhaus, also presented.

“We spoke about our study, which examined the use of anti-diabetic medications during pregnancy,” Gohn said. “Using a mouse model, we showed that, when given to pregnant mice, the drug, Glyburide, reduces head size in the offspring.”

This study showed that the drug can reduce the head size of the offspring and it can impair brain development. Gohn was very excited to share the information and plans to continue more studies and research in the near future.

Science Seminars are held on Mondays from 4-5 p.m. in Flory Auditorium.

The next couple of dates to attend are Nov. 11 and 26, and the topics will be environmental studies and physics. Everyone is encouraged to attend the seminars even if you are not majoring in the subjects of the seminar.

On Oct. 22, students from the American Chemistry Society (ACS) hosted a seminar to bring an awareness of chemistry to the student body during National Chemistry Week, an annual event held in the United States.

The ACS began celebrating National Chemistry Week in 1987 and it has been honored every year since. In 1997 ACS began adding themes to bring a variety of topics and discussions.

Last year the topic was geochemistry, which marked the 30th anniversary of the program. This year the topic was outer space, and next year’s topic will be metal. Each year ACS tries to show not only the importance of chemistry but also how it can be used in an everyday life setting.