Manchester University
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October 27, 2018


Students Give the Run-down on the Best Running Shoes

Mariella Angeles


A great runner also comes with a great running shoe. Manchester’s cross country team gave me the run-down on their preferred and favorite running shoe.

Cameron Kimmel, junior history major, noted that his favored running shoe the last three years is the Hoka Bondi, which has kept him injury-free. When it comes to competing to away runs, he wears the Hoka Hupana. As for his track and cross country races, he said he tends to stay with his Nike Zoom Distance spikes because they are, as he said, “lightweight and breathable,” which are key aspects when it comes to running, especially competitively.

Kimmel has been running competitively for the past 13 years and he did not find his favorite shoe until the end of his freshman year. He began running because he has asthma and his mother wanted him to achieve stronger lungs. She made him run regularly and would time him to see his improvement. It has helped him in the long-run. “Eventually I just saw how useful it was to my health and how much better I was getting at all my other sports by running,” he said.

Kimmel’s shoes have led him to become a decorated runner and an important part of the cross country team.

Emily Ewen, junior English education major, said that her preferred running shoes have changed over the years. As of now she runs in New Balances on grass, Hokas on the road and her preferred spikes are New Balances. She has to get custom orthotics (inserts) and has to change between shoes often because she noted herself as very injury-prone. Ewen has been running since the 7th grade and said she runs because to her, it is exhilarating and gives her a purpose to work hard in all aspects of life.” She also said that she loves the feeling running gives her and the people it allows to be around her and how it positively impacts health.

Ana Acevedo, junior social work major, said that she really loves the Saucony Iso Glides.” They are a stability shoe and are, as the notes, “perfect for my over pronation stride.” She has been wearing this shoe for the last three years and she noted that she would not want to run in anything else. Acevedo also said that she noticed other girls on the team wear a variety of shoes depending on their stride and has seen New Balance shoes among them. It just depends on the runner.

John-Tyler Butler, sophomore chemistry secondary education major, said that he has run the majority of his mileage in Nike Structure 21’s. “I run a lot of miles in these shoes because they are comfortable and they can handle about 300-500 miles before I have to switch them.” He also said that during their workouts and his races he will either wear them or his Hoka Hupanas.

Grace Spencer, junior sport management major, simply said that New Balance is her go to for everything. She said that her father influenced her running and now loves it.

The cross country team will head into the 2018 HCAC Championships tomorrow, October 27, in Shelbyville, IN, on the Blue River Cross Country Course.