Manchester University
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October 7, 2016

Foreman, Kelly

Kelley Foreman

Biology Prof. Begins Year-long Position at Manchester

Brenden Damron

Visiting assistant professor of biology Kelley Foreman has always loved “critters and organisms.” She’s engaging with both as she begins her year-long position at Manchester University.

Foreman completed her undergraduate study at Iowa State University and earned her PhD at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, but her love for science was realized before her collegiate years. “In high school, I took an AP Biology course and loved it,” she said. 

This semester, Foreman teaches microbiology and general biology, a Core class. In the spring, she will be teaching microbiology and cell biology. Her favorite subject is genetics, and she hopes to teach this someday. 

Though she is new to the community, she already feels like a part of the Manchester family thanks to the warm welcome she has received from her colleagues. “I just absolutely love it here,” she said. “I can’t begin to explain it.” 

However, the aspect of MU that sticks out the most for her is the students. “The students always show nothing but respect to me, and are always paying attention in class,” said Foreman with a big smile. “It just makes my job easier, and my day better.”