Manchester University
Oak Leaves

October 7, 2016

Love is Love. Show off that Pride!

Brittany Dilley

LGBTQ community and supporters rejoice! MU had its official Pride Week last week, showing love and support for all! I believe this is a wonderful way to connect with others no matter their background. Seeing all of the support and openness to one another is beyond astounding.

With all of the violence and negativity going on not only around the community, but around the world, it’s nice to see people putting aside their differences and being mature adults and rejoicing in the fact that “love is love.” I love seeing all of the different couples coming together, whether it be same sex or not, and just being happy and living life. 

I think that no person is better than another, and people just have to come to accept that. I understand that people won’t ever see eye-to-eye on everything, but same-sex couples, gender fluid, bisexuals and transgender people is to each their own. It is not one another’s business what others do with their lives. What this world does not need is more resentment. We should be living in a world where people are open to be themselves.

Now if another person was to ask me if I support the LGBT Q community, I would most definitely say yes. Not because I am gay or transgender, etc., but because I believe in equal rights for every human being. Race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. should not define who a person is. And these things should not be used against one another.

I am not saying people cannot disagree with the LGBTQ community and what they and their supporters stand for. After all, we are in America where we are free to hold our own opinions. But hating one another because of different views and morals is just absurd. That is like hating someone because they have blue eyes and not green ones. Ridiculous, right? So why do some people feel the need to hate on the LGBTQ community? It is okay to disagree, but being malicious toward them is wrong.

I feel the LGBTQ community has every right to show off who they are as human beings. All human beings should feel free to stand up for what they believe in within good reason. I cannot emphasize this enough. Transitioning into college is hard enough as is, and I think having Pride Week at college campuses for their LGBTQ students is exactly what they need to feel at home.

College is a whole other realm from middle school and high school. Of course all stages have their difficulties, but college is about challenging one’s self and getting to know who one is as a person. Making the LGBTQ students feel more comfortable and at peace with themselves is a great way to get students to learn and to gain experience from one another. We cannot continue to let others live in fear because of societal expectations. It is time to continue to grow, learn and have love towards one another.  It is time for the hatred and bitterness to stop.