Manchester University
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October 7, 2016

MU Senior Sarah Farnam singing at show in Shelbyville, IN  
 MU Senior Colin Singer playing electric guitar at show in Shelbyville. IN

MU Seniors Sarah Farnam (left) and Colin Singer (right) perform at a show in Shelbyville, IN

MU Musicians Ready to Rock Homecoming

Lizzy Raimondi

Current students and alums will rock out at Homecoming on Oct. 8 when they perform after the football game during the “5th Quarter” by the football field. 

Friends of the Weather, a trio of Seth Hendricks ’03 and Chris Good ’02 and adjunct faculty member David Hupp, will play original music at 4 p.m. The two alums began their creative partnership as founding members of Mutual Kumquat, a band begun at MU. 

Performing at 6 p.m. is Infinity Now, a pop-rock group out of Columbus, IN featuring MU seniors Sarah Farnam and Colin Singer. The band has opened for The Charlie Daniels Band and has performed multiple times at Six Flags Great America, among numerous other venues around the Midwest. 

Infinity Now is looking forward to sharing both covers and their originals. Over the summer, the band released a CD called “Love Young,” which they are currently promoting on sites like ITunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify. “We're really excited to play some of our new stuff from that!” Farnam said. “We also love to play songs everybody knows and can sing along with, whether they're older or newer.” While they do not want to give away their set list, lead guitarist Phil Klinker hinted at the musical lineup. “You’ll hear today’s biggest hits, songs that’ll take you back and songs that would take your parents back,” said Klinker, a sophomore at Ball State University. 

Farnam is a long-time singer. “I've loved to sing ever since I was little, and I also was really into writing poetry,” she said. “Around middle school age, I started writing songs, and I was dying to learn an instrument to play them on. In eighth grade I picked up a guitar and have been singing, strumming, and writing lyrics ever since. Throughout high school I played shows by myself, but in my collegiate years I quickly realized that I much prefer playing with a band. There is so much energy when you're all on stage, and we have a lot of fun together.” 

The group looks forward to bringing the energy to campus, where friends and professors will have the opportunity to see the two MU students perform. “A lot of our friends here have never heard us play before. Some don’t even know we’re musicians,” Singer said. “So we’re excited for them to hear what we can do.”