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October 7, 2016


Junior forward Delanie Jones

Women's Soccer Puts up a Valiant Fight

Jake Light

The women’s soccer team has struggled this year, going 0-7, and 0-1 in conference to start off the season. 

Last weekend against Hanover, the game was close in the beginning but soon Hanover took control, defeating the Spartans with a final score of 4-0. Sophomore Isabella Zoog finds a bright side, though. “This game has made us realize that we need to be able to work together and play as a team in order to achieve our goals,” she said. “Conference season always brings very tough competition and it will be a difficult journey if we don't chose to come together.” 

With the help of their coach Christine Johnson, the teammates are trying to get their season back on track. “Our focus as a team is to start winning games,” Zoog said. “We plan to do this by working hard in practice and raising the intensity. We are getting better every day and will continue to strive for our team goals.”

It was a rough game for the team, but are determined to succeed. “If we can integrate what we’ve been working on in practice the rest of the conference games, it should look up from here,” junior Jaclyn Scialdone said. 

Despite the losses, the team hasn’t lost its passion for the game. “After a tough loss, we know that we need to work as hard as we can every single day in practice and this game just brought further emphasis on this,” Zoog said. “The only way we can get better is by getting used to uncomfortable situations in practice and challenging both ourselves and each other.”