Manchester University
Oak Leaves

September 14, 2018

Women's Soccer to Build

Matt Barbosa

Christine Johnson, head coach of Manchester University women’s soccer team, maintains a positive outlook on the season despite three tough loses to start the pre-conference season. She sees great potential in her team, which consists of a majority of firstyears, and hopes that this season helps shape that outlook.

The first game of the season was against Huntington on Friday, Aug. 31, resulting in a 7-0 defeat and the second game on Wednesday, Sept. 5, against Olivet, resulting in a 6-0 defeat. Recently they played Rochester on Saturday, Sept. 8, with a hard-fought loss of 3-2 and Trine on Monday, Sept. 10, with a loss of 4-0.

The team’s record overall is 0-4.

Johnson feels that this season the team is performing well in practices as well as having a much stronger bond than earlier years. She says the team “leadership group” boosts the  morale of the entire team. Seniors Cameron Holford, Priscilla Ortiz, Caroline Smith, Isabella Zoog and Miranda Birmingham with Junior Katie Green compose the leadership group and they share their coach’s perspective about their closely knit, high-morale team.

"I would say that the team gets along so well and we are building something great,” Holford said. “I think the potential for our team to be successful is very high and when we work as a team I think we can make it to the tournament.”

This group looks forward to the first conference games of the season.  Green said she is especially excited about their rematch against Rose-Hulman on Saturday, Oct. 20. She says she is excited to redeem last season’s 3-1 defeat. Studying film and defense were areas the ladies suggested for the first years to work on but feel that the pre-conference teams are a good challenge to help build for conference games.

“I would say this team is a competitive team that will bring their competitive spirit to  the conference games,” Ortiz said. “They work hard every day and strive to get better and I think that will pay off  in the tournament.”

The coach and leaders all have their eyes set on qualifying for the conference tournament at the end of the season.