Manchester University
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September 21, 2018


Dr. Lucas Dargo.

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Dargo Joins Athletic Training Faculty

Camron Canniff

Dr. Lucas Dargo, new professor of athletic training has been training himself—to land a job at a school like Manchester. He has worked his way up from being a student, teacher and now a professor. 

He began his journey by becoming a graduate assistant at Ohio University for athletic training and worked at a nearby high school as well. “I was already wanting to be a health teacher and an athletic trainer at a small school,” he said. “A small school like the one in North Manchester for example, that’s the type of school that I went to, called Delta High School.”

While working on his doctorate he was teaching at Mount Vernon High School in southern Indiana. “I took the job because I wanted to be a clinical resource,” Dargo said. “I was the only athletic trainer at the time.” 

He said that he wanted to be “the best of best” for his athletes and he knew he can do that. He wants to be that resource for Manchester students as well. 

“I always thought that Manchester was a very prestigious school,” Dargo said. “Actually one of my formal colleagues was a Manchester grad.” 

He learned more about the university through connections with graduates. “I knew that Manchester was a wonderful school,” Dargo said. “I’m so thankful to be here.” 

He also observed that the faculty among all levels are great and the connections the students have here are amazing to be a part of. And he’s looking forward to success for the students he teaches and the students that are a part of the school. 

Dargo’s experience as a student at a large school has helped him to appreciate the small class sizes here at Manchester. “I took a class in nutrition and I was one of two athletic trainers out of 200 students,” he said. “So having that small group helps not only me but my students as well. I hope that my students will remember what I say in the classes and I hope that they can come to me for any type of help.”

Dargo recently married to his wife, Ariel, who took a position at Hamilton Heights primary school in Arcadia, Ind., as a 1st grade teacher. Dargo took the teaching position at Manchester so he could remain close to her. “We were getting ready to get married and I was told that you’ll find a new job,” he said. After a lot of tears and soul searching and a lot of job searching I found a position with ATI Worksite Solutions.” 

The newest professor of athletic training has made some sacrifices to be here and he has a lot of gratitude toward his wife and his position at MU too. And he is ready to keep his success going.