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September 21, 2018


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Screen Print Illustrations on Display on First Floor ACEN

Tiffany Williams

Walking through the first-floor hall of the Academic Center, students are surrounded by artwork of familiar subject matter including popular movies and band concerts from "The Princess Bride" to "Mortuos Plango, Vivos Vico."

Aaron Scamihorn, the creator of the artwork, is a known illustrator, designer and gig poster artist with a passion for comic books, pop art aesthetic, portraiture and graphical illustration.

Scamihorn taught himself how to screen print, creating a business, Ronlewhorn Industries, based in Indianapolis. His work has been featured globally with clients such as Disney and top touring bands. In his business he designs, illustrates and screen-prints by hand, taking immense pride in what he does.

Ejenobo Oke, Director of Galleries at Manchester University, invited Scamihorn to display his artwork in the Academic Center. "I want my students to be introduced to a variety of art—different media, different subject matter, different reasons for making it," Oke said. "In particular, many of our students are interested in graphic design and illustration, so I knew they would be particularly intrigued by this work."

The Academic Center has an abundance of traffic which allows students to view it more effectively as opposed to hanging it in a gallery where few people visit. "Over five hundred people a day will experience the work I hang there," she remarked. "That makes that format a very effective one for reaching students."

Students can meet the artist and find out more about the visual arts in general on the Visual Arts Career Day, which will be held on Saturday, Nov. 3, from 9-12 p.m. at the Academic Center in room 101. The meet-and-greet with Aaron Scamihorn will be followed by a panel discussion by alumni art majors, artists, art professionals and other professionals who use art in their careers in some way or another.

Anyone is invited to come to this event, whether they are pursuing an art career or otherwise. Participants in Visual Arts Career Day have a chance of receiving a free gift of original art by the artist at the end of the event. At the beginning of the event there will be breakfast; however, refreshments will be provided throughout the event.

For more information on Aaron Scamihorn's work, visit his website at On his website you can look at, purchase and sign up to see his work.