Manchester University
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September 22, 2017

emma serve

Junior Emma Voelker serves against Boyce College on Friday, Sept. 15. During their first day of invitationals, Spartan volleyball won against Boyce and Wilmington College.

Photo courtesy of MU Athletics 


Volleyball Looks Forward to Competitive New Season

Kaity Collins 

The women’s volleyball team fought like the Spartans they are to seize as many victories as possible during the fall sports season. With a total of 10 matches between the start of the season to Sept. 16, the ratio of wins to losses shows the amount of dedication and passion the volleyball team has for Manchester as well as for the sport they play.

They have had a rewarding season with six wins and four losses for the first ten matches. “There is always something to be worked on,” said Assistant Coach Sarah Kimm, “but they are doing real well.”

The team has recruited four first-years, as well as some other students, who are also engaging in their first season of Manchester volleyball. These new team members are in high spirits and aren’t afraid to show how much the team has grown in strength throughout the fall season. “I think we’re going to show up and bring our A-game this weekend,” said first-year Alexandria Collins. “Every match we’ll be one step further to succeeding.”

The team is confident in their abilities and are proud of the teamwork they’ve established. “So far, we’re doing well,”  said senior and new recruit Brandy Whitaker.

Emma Voelker agreed. “It’s healthy competition,” she said.

Both the players and coaches want what’s best for the team and good intention has been given on each side. “It’s a very positive environment,” Collins said.

Voelker agrees that the team is doing well this season: “Players respect the need for improvement.”

With the 2017 Volleyball Conference in the beginning stages, the team is excited and hopeful that the conference season will be one to remember. With the volleyball team’s strengthened teamwork and “new system,” as explained by Kimm, Manchester’s volleyball team is looking for a competitive year.