Manchester University
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September 23, 2016

Art Festival Story

Art major Abby Lynn paints Miriam Struble-Hedstrom's face at the Eel River Arts Festival

Art Deaprtment Attends Eel River Arts Festival

Brittany Dilley

The North Manchester community kicked off the Eel River Arts Festival with a drizzly start on Saturday, Sept. 10.
The rain did not hinder the celebration and appreciation of art, though, as members of the community gathered around, set up canopies and flexed their art muscles, showing off different art forms, from silverware to painting to jewelry.  

The art department of Manchester University joined in on the wet fun with a stretch of family-friendly booths offering face painting and inviting children to paint. MU art student Glynnis King kept charge of the painting booth for children. “I really just like to see all the artists and some of their different works,” she said. “It’s a really good way to get involved with the community and just kind of learn what's around the neighborhood.”   

Even MU professors were upbeat throughout the downpour. “It wasn't really even a choice,” said Professor Jeff Diesburg. “It was: ‘We are having an art festival in Manchester and we are the Manchester University art department,’ so we didn't really discuss, like, ‘Should we do this, are we gonna go do this,’ it was: ‘Oh they're having this art festival and we are an art department and we're definitely going to be down there doing it.’”