Manchester University
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September 28, 2018

Food for Thought: Variety of Dining at MU

Emily Ryder

Manchester University’s dining on campus now offers a meal plan through which students are able to swipe as many times a day as desired. The Haist Unlimited meal plan includes unlimited dine-in meals as well as five meal exchanges weekly. This new meal plan allows the convenience and accessibility of students to come and go as they please.

With the previous meal plans comprised of just three meal swipes allowed daily, this new meal plan welcomes students to the Haist Commons any time of the day and especially at times that are most suitable for them. “I love the unlimited swipes because I can swipe as many times a day as I want,” Morgan Oliver, senior business management major, said. “The only thing I wish was different is that I can only get five swipes at the other places besides Haist Commons.”

Although this is a new meal plan to Manchester University’s Haist Commons, which is available to all students, juniors and seniors are able to choose whether or not they would like to purchase it. Lucas Lorian, senior exercise science major, did not purchase the meal plan on campus this year due to living in an apartment. “Now that I live in an apartment, it’s easy to cook my own food and cook what I like,” Lorian said. “But, I think it’s cool that you can swipe as many times as you want now.” The new meal plan has gained attention from numerous students, regardless of whether purchasing the meal plan is required or optional.

Residential students are able to sign up for the Haist Unlimited +25, the Haist Unlimited + 150, the Flex Plan or the Value Plan whereas, the off-campus and commuter students are permitted to select one of Chartwell’s Voluntary Meal Plans. These meal plans range from a variety of options such as, 75 Meals, 75 Meals + $75 Spartan Cash, 60 Meals + $120 Spartan Cash, 45 Meals + $90 Spartan Cash, 30 Meals + $60 Spartan Cash, and 15 Meals + $30 Spartan Cash. With each of these plans, the goal is to provide a convenient yet cost-effective way for students who do not live on campus to dine on campus.

Furthermore, aside from the meal options and availability of food, the Chartwells staff typically plays a role in the experience that is shared by dining on-campus. Whether a Chartwells staff member is swiping students’ cards, making food, stocking the salad bar, or supplying eating utensils, positive, friendly interactions are frequently displayed. “Even though I don’t have the unlimited meal swipes, it’s nice to have the option to have as many swipes a day as you want,” said Noah Edelman, senior business management major. “The Chartwells workers are friendly and they do a good job.”

The hard work as well as friendliness among these staff members is greatly appreciated and contributes to the representation of these numerous meal plans.