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September 28, 2018


Friends with the Weather will perform during Homecoming Saturday inside the track from 10:30 - 1 p.m.

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Friends with the Weather Band Ready to Perform at MU Homecoming

Mariella Angeles

During Homecoming Saturday, Sept. 29, MU will be hosting a beloved band—Friends with the Weather—that was founded by MU alums Chris Good and Seth Hendricks.

Good, bass and Cajon (wooden box drum) player, is the son of the head groundskeeper Dave Good. Hendricks contributes lead vocals. David Hupp, the third member of the trio, plays electric guitar. He is married to Professor Katy Gray Brown and has been a piano instructor at MU the last ten years. The trio has played shows throughout the Midwest, in addition to Virginia and Pennsylvania.

FWTW, as they are known, became a full-fledged band after years of collaboration between Hendricks and Good, which includes songwriting. This partnership has lasted 18 years. Hupp describes their sound as “electric folk, with influences of R&B, gospel, funk and high life,” among other influences.

All three are songwriters and are continually bringing new material to the group. Their set list for Homecoming include songs from their self-titled debut as well as new original material that the trio have been working on the last two years.

Hupp is excited to play a few newer songs, “Be the Song,” “I Could be Loved” and “Zero in the Way.” He also states that it will be fun for him to show a different side of what he does for the home crowd.

FWTW cover a range of themes with their songs, most commonly—themes that deal with love. “Love between partners, love as the comfort that carries us through hard times, love as the guiding and animating principle that gives us purpose in life,” Hupp says. FWTW also has what Hupp characterizes as “light-hearted tunes” and songs that “just want to make you dance.”

“It is satisfying to work with experienced artists who are also close friends,” Hupp said. He also appreciates being able to connect with audiences, especially through their songs, by storytelling. Friends with the Weather will be performing on the stage inside the track from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The concert is free of charge.