Manchester University
Oak Leaves

September 28, 2018

Women’s Cross-Country Visualizes Success; Remains Hopeful

Alexandria Collins

The Manchester University’s women’s cross country team has competed in the Alumni Race, Hokum Karem, and Blue River Memorial College Invitational thus far in the season. And they’ve been placing very well, even though the hot weather was not in their favor.

Junior Emily Ewen added the season was a positive one so far. “The team is in the middle of putting in some really hard work currently, leading up to our conference and regional meets,” she said. The girls are currently preparing for their upcoming meet in Louisville, Ky., in the Greater Louisville Classic.

“We are working super hard and focusing on each race at a time,” Ewen said. The team has a ritual of wearing white jerseys on the day of a conference meet. “It is just something we have always done and stuck with, and we look good doing it!” Ewen said with a smile.

The team prepares for each meet by writing their goals and doing visualization work the day of the meet. “This helps each person to set specific goals for themselves, visualize the race and realize we need to keep one another accountable,” Ewen said.

First-year Sydney Young talked very highly of her team. “All the girls help me out so much,” she said. “They are sweet, and always nice. The support and encouragement they bring makes us feel like a big family!”

Most student athletes can understand how hard it is to manage and balance school and sports at the same time. “It is very difficult at some points, but at the same time it helps you to be more responsible and pushes the work to be done,” Ewen said.

Young shared her input on her first year of being a student athlete for Manchester. “My first season collegiately has been very different from high school,” she said. “The program is very specific, but in a good way. It helps runners individually get better, which is awesome!”

Ewen said she remembered why she chose Manchester coming into her first year. “The coaching staff was definitely the reason,” she said. “They know what they are doing, and they try hard to make sure they individualize us, so each person feels important.”

Even though Ewen is currently injured, she still steps it up by pushing the rest of the team to improve day by day. Ewen is also the captain, and helps every single girl better herself, with her knowledge and great attitude.

Young so far has loved every meet, but her absolute favorite was the Alumni Race. “It had been pouring down rain all morning which made the race so muddy,” she said. “There was even a puddle up to our knees in the woods that made it pretty fun!”

Ewen emphasized how the team is preparing for the Louisville meet. “We have been working very intensely, really putting our focus on this upcoming weekend,” she said. “I’m sure it will pay off.”