Manchester University
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September 29, 2017

Saunders, Tara

Dr. Tara Saunders, Visiting Assistant Professor of History, joined the community as a faculty member this semester and specializes in American History.

Photo courtesy of the Marketing Department 


Saunders to Teach 'Stories of the Past'

Kaity Collins 

Dr. Tara Saunders is the newest addition to Manchester University’s Department of History. Chosen for the position at Manchester over two other candidates, Tara Saunders is an expert in American history. “She’s coming in with lots of experience,” said Mark Angelos, professor of history. “It’s extraordinary.”

Saunders’ interest for history started in high school with her history class. She loved the “storytelling” her teacher used as the method for teaching her material. Saunders was inspired by “the stories of the past” and decided she would “teach about being curious about the world and the stories of the past,” just as her teacher had done for her.

This new visiting assistant professor received her BA in history and comparative literature from Pennsylvania State University. She also earned both her MA and PhD in history from Indiana University. Saunders says she loves teaching and hopes to get the chance to meet everyone on campus. “I appreciate the chance to get to know people,” she said.

She also admires the university’s commitment to peace studies. She looks forward to getting to know her students personally and hopes to get involved with some clubs around campus, especially those centered around crochet and crafts. “I really like the relationship between teacher and student,” Saunders said. “I’m excited for the chance to get to know my students as people.”

Saunders recently moved to Kokomo with her husband, but also has an apartment in North Manchester to be closer to campus when necessary. She expressed her joy to be a part of Manchester and getting the opportunity to meet all the students and faculty on and off campus. “She loves teaching and is enthusiastic,” Angelos said.

Before coming to Manchester, Saunders worked as a visiting assistant professor at Valparaiso University in 2016–2017.