Alexa Kessen photo
Senior Alexa Kessen with be attending American University of the Caribbean Medical School to pursue a career as an anesthesiologist.
Photo courtesy of Alexa Kessen

MU Seniors Prepare for Graduation with Outstanding Graduate School Offers 

Alexandria Collins

Three seniors, Alexa Kessen, Kelsey Tyler and Genesis Malin, have recently been accepted to graduate school.

Kessen, from Shelby Township, MI, will study to become a doctor at American University of the Caribbean Medical School.

She is planning to be an anesthesiologist where she will evaluate, monitor and supervise patient care before, during and after surgery, delivering anesthesia. Physician anesthesiologists concentrate in anesthesia care, pain guidance and critical care medicine.

The process of applying and getting accepted into medical school was time consuming. “I filled out an application and wrote a personal statement,” Kessen said. “I took the MCAT twice, had to get letters of recommendation, then an interview.”

She was accepted, via phone call and letter, in December 2020. “It was very rewarding getting accepted,” Kessen said excitedly. “I worked so hard!” She noted how she relied on her “great” support system of her family and friends, calling herself “grateful” for having her cheerleaders.

Although the COVID-19 virus may have an impact on a normal day on the Caribbean’s campus, Kessen is ready for the challenge. “I will have to get the vaccine and test regularly of course,” she said, “but the hardest part will be the feeling of being homesick and away from all my loved ones.”

She’s ready, though. “Everything will be worth it, as I have the best advocates rooting for me,” Kessen added with a joyful tone.

Kelsey Tyler, well known at Manchester and throughout the HCAC for her outstanding track and cross-country record, will be pursuing a master’s degree. Currently a junior, Tyler will graduate early with the class of 2021.

She is from Rochester, IN, and plans on going into the mental health counseling field at The University of Indianapolis, because she finds psychology intriguing and loves helping people become their best selves.

The University of Indianapolis was a great fit for Tyler as she will stay close to home and continue her running career on a scholarship. “I am beyond excited about the internships I will be introduced to that will lead me to great job opportunities in the future,” Tyler said with a smile.

She plans on being a school counselor for young adults at the high school level or college. “Helping others is what I am passionate about and I am blessed to continue what I am passionate about,” Tyler said.

Genesis Malin, who will be graduating with a criminal justice and psychology double major, will be continuing her academic career at Indiana University Fort Wayne in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

There she will pursue a master’s degree in social work with a concentration in mental health and addiction.

“I really did not know that I was going to graduate school,” Malin said. “It has always been something I thought about doing but was never dead set on it.”

She was inspired by one of Manchester’s counselors. “I have talked over the years with April White and knowing she went to Indiana University Fort Wayne helped me decide on where I wanted to go,” Malin said.

Malin is currently working at Lifeline Youth and Family Services, where she got her motivation for graduate school. She looks forward to continue helping people in the future.