Erica Mohr
Erica Mohr landed third in the weight throw at the 2021 HCAC event, and made a new personal record of 13.36 meters.
Photo provided by Erica Mohr

Mohr Places Third in Weight Throw With New Personal Record

Kelsey Tyler

In track and field, there’s a dedicated group of athletes who throw 20-pound weights over their heads, making them soar through the air. One of them is MU junior thrower, Erica Mohr, who had one of the most memorable meets of her life last weekend at the 2021 HCAC indoor conference championships. She placed third in the weight throw, landing her a spot on the podium and a new personal record.

“I actually got really sick right before we left for the meet,” Mohr explained, “so I was really worried my performance would suffer.”

Mohr didn’t let her feelings dictate her outcomes, and it paid off. “I just had to grit my teeth and get to it,” Mohr said. She posted a final mark of 13.36 meters in the women’s weight throw. and also competed in the women’s shot put. In that event, Mohr also scored for the team when she threw a mark of 9.88 meters.

Mohr noted that because of Covid regulations her practice schedule has changed drastically from previous years. “We used to be able to practice at the same time as the rest of the track team, now we have been practicing at 6 o’clock every morning before anyone gets in the weight room,” she said.

Mohr also noted that it is hard to wake up in the morning, but knows that that is what is best for her team right now. “Of course I would much rather practice later in the day,: she said, “but we are doing everything we can to make sure that we stay safe, which is definitely worth it.”

Right now she’s looking forward to the outdoor season. “Our indoor season is over now, but we will keep training to do well at the outdoor conference championship,” she said. “I hope I can improve my throws for outdoor, and help motivate the other throwers to do the same.”