mu student senate shred
Photo from MU Student Senate Instagram

Students Invited to Shred Their Worries with MU Student Senate

Claire Butler

The Student Senate set up four locations over four days to help students shred their worries away. They had tables in Chinworth, the Science Center, ACEN, and JYSC where students could come and write down personal worries or university worries on a piece of paper and run them through a shredder. In addition to inviting students to shred worries, Senate members had snacks, masks and branded key chains to pass out.

The Student Senate believes the event was very important. “As a senate we are the voice for students, and we need to make sure their worries/concerns are answered,” said Elizabeth Allred, PRESIDENT(??).

Allred continued: “Our goal is to be the voice of the students, so we needed a creative idea to get more concerns so that we can work with administration to address them.” They come up with events such as the shredding because they value every student’s voice and they want to hear the concerns every student has so they can brainstorm at meetings how to make a difference for the future.

The Student Senate was able to dedicate the meeting after the event to talking about the student worries and ways in which they can help--from communicating with the administration and formulating ideas about how to improve life at Manchester for each student. “Most of the worries will be covered in 60-second videos sent out on Fridays called ‘Senate Supports,’” Allred said.

Allred added: “All our meetings are open even if you are not a member, so if students want to see what Senate is about, feel free to stop in.” They meet every other Thursday at 8 p.m. in ACEN 101 or on Zoom––all the information is on Spartan Life.

If any student could not make it to the Senate shredding, stopping by or talking with members of Student Senate can help with getting issues addressed and bringing more positivity to campus, uplifting the lives of all students.