Opinions and Facts Are Not the Same

Cinnamon McDonald

With the elections [which had not yet taken place when this piece was written], there have been a lot of interesting opinions and point circling around the potential new President of the United States.

This brings to mind something that has always triggered me in a way nothing else can.

If someone asks you your views, let’s say about politics, they always want to follow your opinions with their own. They seem to want to sway your own beliefs in a way that tells you, you are wrong. It is completely frustrating when they act as if you are expressing your opinion as a fact.

I think at some point in time people somehow forgot the difference between opinion and fact. If I were to say that I think oranges are a delicious fruit, it is an opinion that belongs to me.

You could think that in every way orange are the most disgusting of all fruits and that you want to vomit at the mere sight of one, or even mention. That doesn’t mean if you were to say that you would be wrong.

Oranges can be both disgusting and delicious and both things can be true. It just depends on who you ask. This does not make either a fact, yet it makes it true on a person-to-person basis. It is an opinion.

Person A that likes oranges cannot be convinced in any way that oranges are bad no matter how hard person B may try, it does not matter. That is exactly how an opinion works.

Someone reading this article may read this and think that I am wrong or try and challenge me in my ideas. Yet, it will not change the fact of what the actual definition is of the word opinion.

I am so tired of hearing “Biden this,” and “Trump that,” I honestly don’t even know what to believe because most of the information being pushed out and forced fed to me is all opinions.

I want real facts and evidence.

If you want me to believe your side, I want a reason and I want facts not only about your side but the opposing side as well. Another good thing to mention, when in a debate people likely forget that not only their side is important. You should be well versed in both arguments in order to make your facts more valid, because there will be good and bad for both opinions and you should be prepared to stand up for what you believe in.

Opinions aren’t meant to be facts, but if you want me to change my opinion then you better give me a good reason why.